Registration & Fees

Westlakes Athletic Club is affiliated with both the Little Athletics Association of NSW and Athletics NSW. The two bodies’ aims are based on the Olympic ideals, participation in sport, without regard to one’s ability to finish in a winning position. This enables children and adults to participate in outdoor recreation that places emphasis on achievement rather than competitive results. This centre, with your support, caters for all children and adults of varying abilities.

The aim of this club is to provide healthy athletic participation for all, so that we may foster their interest in all forms of athletics. The only person they should be trying to outdo is himself or herself. The most important thing is for the athlete to have fun without the pressure of winning or losing.

In addition, athletics:

  • Introduces children to sport
  • Teaches athletic skills
  • Lays the foundation for other sports
  • Is a family activity
  • Is a community activity
  • Encourages sportsmanship
  • Is GREAT FUN!!


  • All new athletes are required to show proof of age at registration – birth certificate, passport, licence etc
  • Athletes U6 to U11 are registered with Little Athletics NSW (LANSW).
  • Athletes may also register with Athletics NSW at your request.
  • Athletes U18 and older are registered with Athletics NSW.


  • Tiny Tots (Turning 4 or 5 in 2022) – $110
  • Under 6 (Turning 6 in 2022) – $145
  • Under 7 (Turning 7 in 2022) – $170
  • Under 7 – Under 17 (Turning 7 – 17 in 2022) – $180

You can use the Active Kids Voucher for Westlakes Athletics (You MUST obtain the voucher BEFORE registering for Little Athletics)