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Latest News: Tuesday, 27 September 2022

As we have previously announced, our season start had to be delayed due to the unsafe condition of Wangi Oval. So we postponed our season until the 7th of October to give us additional time to rectify the situation.

We have begun this process, but the continued rain and enormity of the task has meant that unfortunately Wangi Oval will NOT be fit for athletics use by the 7th of October. We are meeting with Council at the oval next week to discuss options moving into the future.

This essentially leaves us with two options.

  1. Postpone our season further.
  2. Look for an alternative venue in the short term.

We have selected option 2.

Westlakes Athletics Club season will commence on THURSDAY 13TH of OCTOBER at Hunter Sports Centre GLENDALE, competing from 6pm.

This arrangement will continue for at least FOUR weeks (until the 3rd or November) but may be extended until such time as we can return to competing on Friday Nights at Wangi Oval. There will be no additional cost to athletes and families for entry to Hunter Sports Centre.

This is the last thing that we wanted to do, but we recognise that we now have 131 registered members who have paid to compete as well as a large number of people who have requested to come and try athletics as well.

We also realise that some people cannot or do not wish to attend athletics on a Thursday Night at a different location. We fully understand these concerns and provide you with the following options:

  1. There are a range of other clubs in our region who compete on a Friday night who you are free to compete at as long as you are wearing your registration number. (Macquarie Hunter/Glendale, Edgeworth, Cardiff)
  2. You can request a full refund by contacting Little Athletics NSW (02 9633 4511, admin@lansw.com.au)
  3. You can transfer to another club that competes on a Friday night such as those listed above.

Please note our third registration pick up event will still proceed as planned at Wangi Oval on the 5th of October from 6-7:30pm.

As a committee we have agonised over this decision but believe that providing our paying members opportunities to compete in a safe location is our top priority. We will be working hard to ensure that our club can return home to Wangi Oval on Friday nights as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. If you would like a refund, please contact LANSW as we can not process refunds from our registration portal.

Westlakes Athletics Committee.

Welcome to Westlakes Athletics Club

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Westlakes Athletics Club has been part of the athletics community for over 30 Years.

Westlakes Athletics Club focuses on the full range of athletes from Tiny Tots through to Veterans and catering for athletes with a range of abilities.

Our Friday night competition has been designed to cater for all members starting at 6.00pm.

Our club has many wonderful volunteers who do an amazing job. However, we are always after more people to assist. If you can help out either running events, helping with equipment or in the canteen please see one of our commitee members.We all had to start somewhere, and the children love seeing their parents involved.

To all our athletes and parents, we wish you a healthy and fun athletics season that will hopefully bring out the best in you. We all must remember, its not about winning its about having fun and trying our very best. Hopefully making lots of new friends and loving this fantastic sport.

Please note also that we now have the new uniforms in stock to purchase. Check sizes and availability on registration

Fee Structure for 2022/23 Season:

  • Tiny Tots (Turning 4 or 5 in 2023) – $110
  • Under 6 (Turning 6 in 2023) – $145
  • Under 7 (Turning 7 in 2023) – $170
  • Under 7 – Under 17 (Turning 7 – 17 in 2023) – $180

You can use the Active Kids Voucher for Westlakes Athletics


REGISTRATION IS OPEN 1/8/22: https://regoform.mygameday.app/#/rL7PxbbLE93H36CgIN/txyFxVWCfPrCRUXU5w

You must register online first and bring your receipt to the club to receive number and age group patches for the new season.

Files and Links:

There are a number of files to access for the 2022/23 season: