Organisation of the Club

Westlakes Athletic Club is run by parents and senior athletes for the benefit of your children. Your support is required and essential to the running of the club and for the enjoyment of the children.

Each season a committee is elected at our Annual General Meeting. If you have any ideas or suggestions please approach any member of the committee, or better still, come to a meeting on the advertised dates and discuss them with the committee. Any support you can offer in other ways (eg sponsorship, access to equipment, resources or publicity) would be much appreciated. The Club meetings also keep parents informed of developments occurring within our club and athletics generally.
During the Friday night competition children are divided into groups according to age groups. Three to five year olds participate in play training, six year olds and up compete according to LAANSW rules.
An Age Manager is appointed each Friday night to supervise each age group. The age manager looks after the children and ensures that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time but this also depends on volunteers. The Age Manager often relies on assistance from parents in supporting the position.
People work together well when they are comfortable with each other and to this we organise various social events for both