Achievement Awards

Orientation Days

At the beginning of the season two (2) orientation (come and try) days are run. No times or distances are recorded in the centre system.

Tiny Tots

Remember that Tiny Tots participate in playtraining activities only. This is achieved in the centre system by giving each Tiny Tot a result of “1.0” ea week that they attend.

Measured and Timed Events

The aim of our centre’s point score is to encourage all athletes to improve their own personal best efforts. It does not award points for winning but for improving. The number of points awarded is dependent upon the level of improvement attained. Points are awarded on the following basis:

  • The first time an event is completed
  • Subsequent completion of an event without attaining a Personal Best
  • For equaling Personal Best (PB)
  • For attaining a Personal Best (PB)

Major Awards

To be eligible for the major wards, athletes will need to have participated in a minimum of competition nights and have reached the bronze level.

  • Bronze = 70% Friday nights competition
  • Silver = 80% Friday nights competition
  • Gold = 90% Friday nights competition

Presentation Day

Our presentation day will be held at the end of the season. Please join us on our presentation day for a mini disco for athletes, parents, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, grandparents.

Tiny Tots will be given their awards at the last competition night but are most welcome to attend the presentation day as well.