Code of Conduct

It is a requirement under the LAANSW insurance scheme that a parent/caregiver be present at the venue at all times for the athlete to be eligible to compete and for OH&S reasons.

  • Injuries – If an athlete suffers an injury the Club has qualified First Aid Officers on hand who can assist with initial treatment of the injury (the name of the First Aid Officers can be found next to the first aid kit in the equipment storage area). In the case of serious injury where a child requires medical treatment or an ambulance is required a parent/caregiver must be available to give the Club permission to act.
  • Encourage your child to uphold the club code of conduct for athletes
  • All parents are expected to provide positive encouragement to all children
  • All parents are expected to become involved in club activities and assist with the running of competition nights and coaching. Without parental assistance to act as officials we cannot run the events. Unlike other sports, athletics requires large numbers of officials, 20 to 30 people besides the committee members, to time keep, record and judge results, coach, assist in the canteen, and look after first aid (certificate please). Please let us know which area you would like to be involved in
  • Ask questions if you are not sure about something
  • Be objective when acting as an official
  • Setting Up and Clearing Ground- It is essential we have adequate help to set up and pack away equipment
  • Assisting Age Managers- Assist in the management of the group and help measure and run field events
  • Age controllers must be informed if you intend to take your child home before the completion of competition night’s events
Any complaint against an adult/parent or guardian for offensive or unacceptable behavior must be made to the President. The offender can be asked to leave the ground for the night. In addition the complaint should be submitted in writing to the Secretary as soon as possible after the incident to be dealt with by the committee at the next monthly meeting.
You are reminded that an aim of the Club is to promote healthy athletic activity. Smoking and drinking at the grounds is in conflict with this aim and we ask that you refrain for the couple of hours that you are in attendance.